I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, happy holiday and profitable 4th quarter!  I can’t wait to run the numbers to see if my company actually made money again this year!   For Christmas this year I’m most excited about getting one of those Kodak compact video cameras that downloads so easily to youtube, FB, my blog etc…  I think I’m going to start a Vlog with grilling stuff.  Since the hubby and I grill so gosh darn much, I think I want to document our exploits on the grill!  Stay tuned to see if I can actually figure it all out and learn how to edit and post.  THAT should be interesting!  I want to discuss a topic that’s on my mind a lot and I know it affects many of us mom’s.  MOMMY GUILT!!


I left my career of 9 years to become a stay at home mom (like my husband and I always planned I would do).  Three years into living my dream of being that “ideal” stay at home mom (whatever THAT is!), I had an idea for a business, followed that dream and completely derailed mine and my husband’s expectations of the "perfect family".  It is HERE that I feel my guilt radiates from.  Growing up, my mother was a stay at home mom and my two younger sisters and I agree to this day that our childhood was just about PERFECT.  Our home was loving and caring and unbelievably happy.  Because of this, I wanted to do things exactly like the most perfect mom in the world... MINE.  (Which meant being a stay at home mom.)  I never planned on having any kind of light bulb moment where I would find this urge... (Compulsion really) to start my own company, but I did.  Now I wrestle daily with what I can't help but feel are my "selfish" desires to be a successful entrepreneur.  I hate that I feel this way and on an intellectual level, I know that these thoughts and feeling are RIDICULOUS, but I can't help but feel "mommy guilt" none the less.  I have realized that my guilt stems from my preconceived notions and life experiences which tell me that the most perfect childhood comes from having a mom that devoted herself completely to her children. Well.... as happy and wonderful as my childhood was, I am learning through new life experiences that a "perfect childhood" can come in many different shapes and sizes.  I do feel like our home is full of happiness, TONS OF LOVE, encouragement and all the things that make for happy, healthy, well balanced adults in training and the best part is, I'm showing them that it can be done "differently".  My daughters were 1 and 3 at the time of my "deviation" so they have always grown up thinking all moms were also "entrepreneurs" or inventors. With this, I am hopefully breaking the chain of mommy guilt with them and showing them that happy childhoods don't necessarily come from 1 perfect formula.  It's too late for me, but maybe I am leading by example so that the next generation of mommies won't suffer from the mommy guilt syndrome quite as much.  Okay… that’s my soap box for the day… comments??


Leslie Haywood, Founder and President of Charmed Life Products, Inventor of Grill Charms™